TODDBLOG/ posts/ what querycache sounds like

Last night Andrew, Viddler's frontend guy suggested to me that the MySQL querycache free space graph looked like a waveform and that MySQL was trying to tell us something.

So of course I had to convert the RRD data into a waveform.

The resulting sound is here.

I can't make anything out. It could be a different language.

Here is the code I used to make the sound:


import pygame
import time

from Numeric import array
pygame.mixer.init(800, 8, False)

#sndarray = pygame.sndarray.array()

sndarray = []

f = open('vals.txt')
for line in f:
    val = float(line.strip())
#numsndarray = numpy.array(sndarray)
numsndarray = array(sndarray)
snd = pygame.sndarray.make_sound(numsndarray)