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Out of curiously I signed up for It is a membership based site with a 7 day trial. I was curious about the information provided and was not interested in maintaining a membership with them, so I started an account, checked it out, and then tried to immediately cancel.

Of course there was no way to cancel online. You must call. You won't find anything about how to cancel until you dig through the FAQ.

You must call and spend 15 minutes arguing your case about why you want to cancel.

After I had them convinced that I was quite certain about canceling, the CSR told me that this is a free 7 day trial, and I will have to call back in 7 days to cancel.

The nerve! They expect people to make an appointment to call them in 7 days? I responded "Well I'm letting you know now that I do not authorize any charges to my account and I will charge back anything that I see from"

That is the magic incantation -- the response was "OK you persist in getting this closed, so I will close it."

I am sure lots of people just say OK and then forget to call in 7 days. They are really taking advantage of their customers.